How To Buy BitCoins With Credit Card?

Not long ago, offering the service of exchanging credit card funds for BitCoins was far from risk-free for sellers of this crypto-currency. However, nowadays the option of buying BitCoins with a credit card is available at a number of platforms. Although the crypto-currency in question is truly international, buyers in some markets may face additional risks and problems. The entire continents of Africa and Asia often fail to purchase BitCoins with a credit card trouble-free. The most common issue here is your funds being frozen for inspection by the processor of your credit card. This is connected with the innumerable fraud attempts in these markets.

The security of your funds should be your first consideration. Despite all the advantages of BitCoin as a crypto-currency, it hasn’t been able to avoid the commonplace money-related real-world problems, such as scams and frauds. It’s recommendable not to deal with exchange websites or individual sellers that aren’t accredited, even if they offer the most profitable exchange rates. If you decide to disregard this recommendation, interact with the exchange platform of your choice with extreme carefulness. If you get the slightest suspicion about the service provider’s reliability and trustworthiness, resort to BitCoin-related Internet communities. Experienced forum frequenters will give you a cue about whether or not the site of your choice is a decent one, and even suggest you a better service with fair practices.

Below is the list of some of the reliable services that work with customers from across the globe:

1. Ultrabtc allows for purchasing the crypto-currency via PayPal, with the use of credit/debit cards.
2. BitsOfGold requires you to complete registration and ID validation, after which you can acquire BitCoins with you debit/credit card.
3. CoinGate requires no registration, but every checkout procedure envisages an ID check. Has limits as to minimal purchase ($50) and maximal daily purchase ($5,000).
4. CoinMama is a reputable service with decent customer support. Has daily ($5,000) and monthly ($20,000) limits.
5. IndaCoin is distinguished by a quick (less than 20 minutes) validation procedure and customer support in the form of live chat.

If you are a novice in the BitCoin realm, keep in mind the following tip: don’t risk your funds. Regardless of where you learned about a platform that sells BitCoins, it’s advisable to investigate its trustworthiness using Google prior to resorting to its services.